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A quick outfit post for your Friday before I get back to answering emails etc. I spent my night last night going through some of favourite bloggers sites, namely Shine by Three. Although English was my best subject in school and I can write a pretty good essay if I have to, I’ve never been much of a writer and often find myself, especially on my blog, staring at the computer screen wondering how I can make my sentences long enough.  However after reading Margaret’s witty, detailed stories that she puts together for each post and seeing the time and effort she takes to make her posts visually enticing, she also makes people want to read what she has to say. I think us bloggers don’t do this enough, and most of the time (myself included), we find ourselves coming across as vague and vacuous, talking only about what we are wearing and how our outfit fits in with the current climate conditions. As a result of my 2.5 hours spent divulging myself into Margaret’s blog, I’ve decided to follow in her footsteps, starting from this post onwards!

Spencer Lacy Leather Pants

Spencer Lacy Shirt
Michael Kors Sloan Bag (also available here)
RMK Lover Heels

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Zoe Cayetano
Reply Friday - 11.07.14

Love your jeans!


Reply Friday - 11.07.14

those trousers are fantastic! great look



Lizzy Hadfield
Reply Friday - 11.07.14

Perfect outfit, I love the leather trousers!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Reply Friday - 11.07.14

Love everything about this! great pants.
I look forward to your next post!
x Kirsty

Shopping Links
Reply Friday - 11.07.14

I love the outfit too! Looks great...pants are gorgeous...I would love to hear more about just everyday life for a blogger! how you plan your outfits...how you decide on a location etc etc...love reading your posts :) x

    Winston & Willow
    Reply Friday - 11.07.14

    oh thank you lovely! I'm so happy to hear that you love reading my posts so I will definitely write about these things in upcoming posts! Thanks for the suggestions xxx

Reply Saturday - 12.07.14

Great outfit!


Tiffany Robinson
Reply Sunday - 13.07.14

you are just stunning and i love the red heels.

i'm going to check out Shine by Three. I am looking forward to your posts!

x Tiffany / tiffanyeatworld

It's About L.A
Reply Monday - 14.07.14

Love this outfit, the matching between the leather pants and those pumps is amazing, great sens of style!



Andres Poiche
Reply Monday - 14.07.14



Smart Dresser
Reply Monday - 11.08.14

The pants are amazing!


Smart Dresser

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